Top 11 Decision Maker Apps for Effortless Choices: A Comprehensive Comparison

In today’s fast-paced world, making decisions can be a challenging task. The abundance of choices in our daily lives often leaves us indecisive and looking for efficient ways to streamline the decision-making process. Fortunately, there are numerous decision-making apps available for both iOS and Android platforms, each offering unique features to assist users in making choices. In this article, we will explore and compare eleven popular decision maker apps, helping you find the one that best suits your needs.

Decision Roulette:

Decision Roulette is a user-friendly app that adds an element of fun to decision-making. Users can input their options, spin the wheel, and let the app randomly select a choice. It’s a great option for those who prefer a lighthearted approach to decision making.

Harmony Decision Maker:

Harmony Decision Maker focuses on providing a balanced decision-making process. It allows users to assign weights to different options, considering the importance of each factor. The app then calculates the most harmonious choice based on the assigned weights.

Tiny Decisions:

Tiny Decisions simplifies decision-making by letting users input their options and randomly selecting one. With its clean and minimalist design, this app is perfect for quick and straightforward decisions.

Decision Maker:

Decision Maker offers a customizable approach to decision-making. Users can create lists of options, set preferences, and let the app generate a decision. The app also provides a history feature, allowing users to review past decisions.

Spin The Wheel- Random Picker:

As the name suggests, Spin The Wheel- Random Picker is a wheel-based decision maker. Users can input choices, spin the wheel, and watch as it randomly lands on a decision. The app is intuitive and suitable for various decision-making scenarios.

Yes Or No – Decision Maker:

If your decision requires a simple “yes” or “no,” this app is a straightforward solution. Users input their question, and the app randomly generates a “yes” or “no” response, helping users overcome indecision.

Best Decision:

Best Decision is a feature-rich app that allows users to create decision templates, set criteria, and evaluate options. It provides a comprehensive approach to decision-making by considering various factors and helping users arrive at the best choice.

Decision Crafting:

Decision Crafting takes decision-making to the next level by incorporating a collaborative approach. Users can invite others to participate in the decision-making process, making it an ideal choice for group decisions or brainstorming sessions.

Wadado – The Decision Maker:

Wadado is a visually appealing decision maker that incorporates graphics and animations. Users input their options, and the app uses an engaging visual interface to present the chosen decision. It’s a unique and creative way to make choices.

Pollsify- Fun Way To Poll:

Pollsify adds a social element to decision-making by allowing users to create polls and gather opinions from friends or followers. It’s an excellent choice for those who value community input when making decisions.

Pros & Cons:

Pros & Cons is a decision-making app that encourages users to list the pros and cons of each option. By evaluating the advantages and disadvantages, users can make more informed decisions.


Choosing the best decision maker app depends on your preferences and the specific features you need. Whether you prefer a lighthearted approach, a weighted evaluation, or a collaborative decision-making process, there’s an app that caters to your requirements. Consider factors such as ease of use, customization options, and additional features when making your decision.


Are decision maker apps suitable for serious decision-making?

Yes, many decision maker apps offer features that cater to serious decision-making, such as weighted evaluations, pros and cons lists, and collaboration tools.

Can decision maker apps be used for group decisions?

Yes, several decision maker apps, including Decision Crafting and Pollsify, are designed to facilitate group decisions by allowing multiple users to participate.

Are these apps available for free?

Many decision maker apps offer free versions with basic features, while some may have premium versions with additional functionalities. Users can choose based on their budget and specific needs.

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